Olive Oil from Wilson’s Foods – the Oil People (since 1997)

We are olive oil dealers, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

 We supply most bulk users, wholesalers, and food manufacturers nationally. We pack under our two brands, namely “Wilson’s” and “CanOlive”®. We’re in  the business of receiving local olive oil in bulk, directly from the estates, and packing it in our bottling line. We then market and distribute it in smaller pack-sizes (in just about any size, from 250 ml to 1000 L).

Over the last 15 years we’ve built a great reputation, and developed three valuable brands.

The market segment in which we are strongest is the so-called “food service” segment .. (that’s restaurants in plain-speak). The other segments in which we are active are the Industrial (ie Food manufacturers), and the Consumer range.

Smaller users should please contact us for details of our regional wholesalers.

Although olive oil is what we’re best known for, we stock no less than 20 different edible oils, plus the derivatives that we developed ourselves (eg the family of flavoured oils, namely Truffle, Lime, Garlic, Peri, Basil, and Butter).  Our unblended “Wilson’s” range includes Avocado, Peanut, and Walnut oil (inter alia), and (of course!) extra virgin olive oil.

wilson's extra virgin olive oil 5 Lt

Olive oil in a 5 Lt PET bottle flies out fast!

Our policy is that our labels should in no way misrepresent the product.
We’re phasing out the “SKY” brand in favour of the “Wilson’s” brand. The consensus is that the different brands confused customers.

What does “Cold pressed” olive oil mean?

As an aside, almost all oil is in fact “centrifuged” rather than being “pressed” between stone wheels in this day and age.

A producer could improve his yield of oil when processing his olives by heating the pulp. In so doing, he would compromise the quality thereof. Polyphenols (read “subtle flavours”) would drop, and the free fatty acids (read “degree of rancidity”) would rise.

Olives typically yield between 14% and 18% of their weight to oil.

In practice, I’m not aware of local farmers heating their pulp. The threshold above which pulp should not be heated is, by convention, 30°C. That’s not much warmer than a warm April/autumn day during the harvest.

What’s that mean? (this isn’t codified anywhere, by the way). In my humble opinion the temperature of a quality extra virgin oil should NEVER have been more than 30°C (see my note on cooking with extra virgin olive oil). 

It could be argued that refining of a cold-pressed edible oil doesn’t alter the fact that it was “cold-pressed”. I’d dispute that. Because the process of refining oil involves heat, the oil loses its cold-pressed status - irrevocably.

Some useful links;

Our Christmas limited edition will go into production this week. We'll only make about 1000.

We’ve finished producing our “Wilson’s Folly” gift packs (it’s a twin pack with balsamic vinegar, in a cute box). Sold from our factory shop only, @ R100.00..













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Like preparing good food, restoring this website to its former glory takes time; I’m getting there!

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