Olive Oil from Wilson’s Foods – the Oil People (since 1997)

Olive oil dealers, based in Cape Town, South Africa

We supply bulk users, wholesalers, and food manufacturers, throughout South Africa. We pack under our two brands, namely “Wilson’s” and “CanOlive”®. We’re in  the business of receiving olive oil in bulk, both from local estates and, in times of local shortage, from Spain, blending it, and packing it in our bottling line. We then market and distribute it in just about any size, from 250 ml to 1000 L. Because of our diverse sourcing, we are better able to offer continuity of supply. Food manufacturers love that we haven’t run out of stock since we started 20 years ago.

Over the last 19 years we’ve built a great reputation, and developed two valuable brands

We depict our distribution to nominated market segments below;

RangeDistribution chain
Market Segment

Consumer Range (Pack sizes; from 250 ml to 1 Lt)
Online Shop NationalConsumers
Factory ShopCape TownConsumers
Regional (exclusive) wholesalersWestern CapeTEMPTOGConsumers
Eastern CapeNiche DistributorsConsumers
Food Service Range (Pack sizes; 1 Lt to 20 Lt)Regional (non-exclusive) wholesalers, countrywide (please call us!)Restaurants & Hotels
Industrial Range (Pack sizes; 200 Lt to 1000 LtsDirect ex Cape Town FactoryFood Manufacturers

Our policy is that our labels should in no way misrepresent their respective product. To simplify our range, we’re phasing out the “SKY” brand in favour of the “Wilson’s” brand. That will give us a more distinctive identity.

We’re on a mission to achieve balance and consistency in our oils; to do this we blend from different farms, and between different varietals. So a bottle probably contains oil from mission-, coratina-, frantoio-, and FS17 olives, inter alia. Our oil is simple and straightforward, not “complex”. 

Our Christmas limited edition will go into production this week. We'll only make about 1000.

We’ve finished producing our “Wilson’s Folly” gift packs (it’s a twin pack with balsamic vinegar, in a cute box). Sold from our factory shop only, @ R100.00..


Olive Oyl in a feisty mood

The Feisty Olive

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Dateline November 2016; We’ve added two interesting recipes to our recipes page; Bulletproof Coffee, and Truffle French Fries

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